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Everything you need to know about buying and storing Vanilla

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Buying Vanilla in Europe

Make sure to buy top quality like ours, only the best; ethically & responsibly farmed and treated, directly from the farm: Before you shop, read more about the different qualities supplied usually on the market here.

Food ingredients from Madagascar (such as Vanilla) have no customs duty to pay when importing into the European Union or the UK. But there is VAT tax on food ingredients in some countries, for example, 7% Germany:

You buy from our stock, 7% EU VAT (if applicable) & free delivery included in our price

For larger quantities, express delivery and questions, please CONTACT US

Delivery is normally 7 - 14 days, up to four weeks only in worst case.

You buy a legally taxed, officially imported, top quality product from us (See "Exporting Vanilla" below!)

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Storing Vanilla

Store cool dark and dry, not in the fridge. We suggest glass or plastic jars to keep small quantities of vanilla beans stored for long periods: with space to breath. Dry and closed with a plastic cap. Cork can add problems. Vacuum packing carries a higher mould risk and just flavour distortion as beans are bunched too tightly together suffocated.

The main consideration above all is the integrity of the flavour and the shielding from humidity. There will be slight evaporation of a few grams of vanilla weight if vacuum packing isn’t used, but the flavour and the room to breathe will make vanilla far superior in ultimate flavour. There are beans we store that are several years old, that are still almost as perfect in their taste as they were in their harvest years!

If vacuum packing is used, it should be in as small quantities as possible per pack, and given space from each other, not bunched too tightly. If you use a vacuum sealer, have the setting set to 8% for black, or 10% for red, and consider vacuuming the beans with wax paper. We also advise avoiding cheap vacuum machines – as vacuum pressure is very very important, or vanilla oils can run out.

Tins are good for larger quantities, such as 5kg boxes made of tin.

Do not settle for anything less than the real best beans. We bring Madagascar´s treasure to you and your tastebuds. Order today!

  • 100% natural
  • Organically Grown
  • Fair Trade
  • GMO-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Natural and Irreplaceable by Science - 230 Distinct Chemical Compounds contribute the flavour of real Madagascar Vanilla


Rules and Regulations we respect to Export from Madagascar

Make sure you buy from a legal source, with a high reputation and great quality, someone who also looks well after the local community which plants and treats the Vanilla - buy from us!

All Vanilla leaving Madagascar for export must be registered with a company on the exporter list, which reads as of 2018 about 149 companies - we are one of them!

All Vanilla leaving Madagascar above 2 kilos must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate and customs form.

All Vanilla leaving Madagascar above 2 kilos must be filed with customs with an invoice and a proof of the client’s bank transfer or payment (the exception are samples).

All Vanilla samples leaving Madagascar are allowed to be no larger than 1.5 kg .

All Vanilla leaving Madagascar above 2 kilos after the start of the export season (around October 15th generally, set by the government each year) must be labelled as that year’s season harvest.

All prior to October export start date are registered stock of that last year’s harvest. Vacuum packing is forbidden for export in Madagascar. Vacuum Packing within Madagascar for storage is legal.

While it is not illegal to sell vanilla cheaply or too expensively, customs causes problems and raises questions for exporters purporting to sell their vanilla at very low prices for export, since they generally suspect that the balance is being paid in offshore banks.

All Vanilla over 38% humidity, green, young, of pampona or other species, or with mould is forbidden for export.

All Vanilla that is young or green is forbidden for export from Madagascar without a waiver for research or other exceptional circumstances.

It is forbidden within Madagascar to domestically transport Vanilla in your luggage by a commercial carrier = normal aeroplanes, according to the airport authority.

Don't miss out: When you buy our Vanilla, you not only get a much better taste than with everything else you can normally buy, you also make a much better deal!

ONLY ONE of our great Vanilla beans with approx. 4 grams has the flavour of 3 teaspoons of world's best quality Vanilla paste, or makes 50 ml Vanilla extract, or creates a litre bottle of "Vanilla Rhum", or produces half a Kilo of Vanilla sugar - and if for baking you only use the caviar extract inside, the shell then still works to make your own Vanilla powder and Vanilla sugar!

Fresh Vanilla Paste: The best. "Caviar" (those little brown flavorful specks) from inside the Vanilla beans. You can do it: Split a bean open and scrape the inside out (Then use the shell to make your own Vanilla powder or Vanilla sugar or Vanilla extract!)

  • Vanilla Extract: When you put a Vanilla bean into alcohol or ethanol. You can do it: Use quality high proof Rhum or Vodka.
  • Vanilla Powder: Usually entire Vanilla beans ground to powder: You can do it: Use an oldschool coffee grinder.
  • Vanilla Sugar: A Vanilla bean (or powder) in a jar of sugar. You can do it: As longger the bean in the sugar as better.

Avoid all artificial synthetic imitations ("Flavouring" etc) as they have a harsh chemical aftertaste - remember, the synthetic Vanilla flavour is a side product of the petrochemical industry - yak! Only buy the real natural stuff, with the best coming from us in Madagascar.

100% Madagascar Vanilla

Only the best Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar. Buy straight from our farm for the best quality!

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