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Vanilla Direct - our story

We are based in the North of Madagascar and produce and offer you retail and wholesale, the best Vanilla in the world, literally.

Buy straight from the source, our farm and benefit from the best quality!
We challenge you to compare to any other retail company online or on any world market.

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As locals growing the best Vanilla there is, called the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, we can tell you which Vanilla beans are the best available at any time - and only that is what we deliver to you.

"We" - that is Samsidine Adolphe and associates, plus family in Europe helping to distribute with this website. We have farmed in the North of Madagascar for the past 40 years!

If you want to learn more about Madagascar and see pictures and read stories, see the magazine we produce for Air Madagascar here:


Our Vanilla is hand-picked, authentically scrutinized and quality controlled on the ground in Madagascar: "Bio and organic" made traditionally with the local community.

The local community protects our plantation because we share our success with them by providing them with medical services and children´s education.

We sell any quantity of the world’s finest Vanilla, from small quantities to containers. To consumers, flavour lovers, discerning gourmets, cosmetic companies, crafty cooks, and businesses in the food sector.

Do not settle for anything less than the real best Vanilla beans. We bring Madagascar´s treasure to you and your tastebuds. Order today!

  • 100% natural
  • Organically Grown
  • Fair Trade
  • GMO-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Natural and Irreplaceable by Science - 230 Distinct Chemical Compounds contribute the flavor of real Madagascar Vanilla

Vanilla Direct - Harvest and Preparation

We can always deliver!

July 15 is the start of the green season in Madagascar while Oct 15 is the start of the export season, yet stocks are sold and used all year round. Our quality product last easy over a year!

In the morning we dry in the sun, and then roll up to cool off with staggered positions on blanket rolls, alternating between the sun and the shade and wrap. As afternoon humidity descends, we keep the vanilla covered, and the next morning after a cool dry night storage, we start the process again. The result of the real traditional bourbon method and curing (this includes a daily massage by hand to every single bean!) is amazing – at around 28-30% humidity, vanilla has a long life and the most delicious smell that permeates far into the future of its existence as a whole bean, and into the recipes, it ultimately arrives as a crucial ingredient.

Overnight, during preparation vanilla is wrapped warm in blankets but in the cool and dark to prevent condensation, under lock and key. When it is packed, it is grouped and bundled by size, quickly manually sorted by our staff in long rows of counters, and after counted it is raffia wrapped with roasted and dried raffia (as simple raffia can have humidity in the fibers, making it pliable rather than brittle and dry, which is anathema to the beans.)

The beans are placed in paper wax boxes in tiered layers. It is even here imperatively important that beans are given space from each other to breathe, not too tightly congested, or else the natural flavour evolution of the flavour profile will be stifled, and there is increased spoiling, overdrying, or flavour change risk as well. We avoid that and deliver you only the best quality!

Choose your Madagascar Vanilla to buy

Don't miss out: When you buy our Vanilla, you not only get a much better taste than with everything else you can normally buy, you also make a much better deal!

ONLY ONE of our great Vanilla beans with approx. 4 grams has the flavour of 3 teaspoons of world's best quality Vanilla paste, or makes 50 ml Vanilla extract, or creates a litre bottle of "Vanilla Rhum", or produces half a Kilo of Vanilla sugar - and if for baking you only use the caviar extract inside, the shell then still works to make your own Vanilla powder and Vanilla sugar!

Fresh Vanilla Paste: The best. "Caviar" (those little brown flavorful specks) from inside the Vanilla beans. You can do it: Split a bean open and scrape the inside out (Then use the shell to make your own Vanilla powder or Vanilla sugar or Vanilla extract!)

  • Vanilla Extract: When you put a Vanilla bean into alcohol or ethanol. You can do it: Use quality high proof Rhum or Vodka.
  • Vanilla Powder: Usually entire Vanilla beans ground to powder: You can do it: Use an oldschool coffee grinder.
  • Vanilla Sugar: A Vanilla bean (or powder) in a jar of sugar. You can do it: As longger the bean in the sugar as better.

Avoid all artificial synthetic imitations ("Flavouring" etc) as they have a harsh chemical aftertaste - remember, the synthetic Vanilla flavour is a side product of the petrochemical industry - yak! Only buy the real natural stuff, with the best coming from us in Madagascar.

100% Madagascar Vanilla

Only the best Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar. Buy straight from our farm for the best quality!

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